Wednesday, November 11, 2009


She makes me want to be brave.

For her sake, I'm trying. For her sake, I'm gonna be.

Pray for a restful night if you would. We are up before the sun tomorrow and things should start around 8:00 am. It could last 2-5 hours so know that if you don't hear anything it doesn't necessarily mean something is wrong!

Thank you all so very much. I'll update when I can.


Emily said...

Mary- you've gone and made me cry. Sweet Joy is just beautiful. Will be praying constantly for that little girl.

Carley said...

Praying my friend! Praying! I was dying to talk to you all day but knew you were busy getting things ready and everything situated. I will anxiously be waiting a report tomorrow. Joy looks like she's crawling! What a big girl!! I know you are scared and being brave for Joy. You are a wonderful momma and just know everything is going to be all right....and finally behind you! Love you!!

Julie said...

sweet mary,

what a loving and caring momma you are to joy! i'm praying you all are in bed for the night and that joy finds rest...and so does her momma and daddy!

"dearest heavenly father, have mercy on joy as goes to the hospital tomorrow. please allow the hands of the surgeon to move swiftly to remove what shouldn't be in joy's body. help joy's recovery to be easy and w/o infection. give hope to sean and mary as they wait. in your precious name. amen"

love to you,
julie mac

Anonymous said...

Praying now Mary! Joy is truly beautiful! Our loving Father knit her together in His perfect way Mary, and knows exactly what lies ahead tomorrow. Take comfort in knowing that nothing is a surprise to Him. He will be there through it all, I pray He gives you all restful sleep and a peace throughout your day tomorrow.

I remember back in January, you were facing the huge unknown with Joy along with a nasty stomach bug that seemed to effect you all!... you offered Nicole Nordeman's "I Am" as an encouragement to all of us. Listen to it again sweet girl, and rest in His loving embrace.

Michelle said...

You guys have been in my thoughts all week! I will be praying for baby Joy, your family, and the doctors and nurses that will be caring for her.

Sarah Sharp said...

We will be praying for y'all! Can't wait to hear some great news!

Unknown said...

I will keep Joy and family in my prayers today!