Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Prepare to be grossed out

Weak stomachs look out. Here are pictures of Joy's surgery. I'll do my best to explain things. Good luck.

Looking like them as you would read a book, starting with top left. First picture is of the inside of her chest cavity. There is her heart, her deflated left lung, and the Sequestration. The Sequestration is on the top on the right. PS I have no idea if sequestration should be capitalized. Anyway. The next three pictures the doctor is showing the vessels and where he will cut them. Now really, don't look at the next ones unless you are secretly wanting to join the cast of Grey's Anatomy.
Top left is starting to cut the vessels and stop the blood supply. When we first talked with the doctor about what he thought the surgery would entail, (right after the CT scan a few months ago,) he said he wasn't sure he could finish the surgery with the scope if there was a significant blood supply because opening her up would be safer. When he saw that there were two large blood vessels he decided he could do it without opening her up, (which I'm sure is why we are home and she is acting like nothing ever happened!) So the next few pictures are of the actual removal process. The last one, (bottom right,) you can see what looks like a Ziploc baggie and while I'm not sure about the brand, (thinking NOT Ziploc,) it is in fact a plastic bag.
He said that to pull something like the mass out of a smaller hole they use the bag to make it smoother, and I think he said once they pull the air out of the bag it can actually squeeze/compress the mass so it comes out easier. I'm very medical as you can tell.

"Get that bag thingy and push this and ew what the heck is that oh yeah that's her heart don't touch that!"

The picture on the top right is of the sequestration (you can call it a mass/tumor/nasty uninvited guest) once it was removed. The last picture is music to my ears: Nothing that doesn't belong there, her re-inflated (very medical term,) lung and her heart. Everything is as it should be again.

And we are very thankful. And very grossed out. And I'm sure now you are too.

You're welcome.


Julie said...

It is amazing to me what dr.'s can do...and then take pics to show for it. The body is a wonderful thing and all it's intricacies.

peace out...
julie mac

Carley said...

Wow! I'm so glad she's doing well and that it ended up being so much less invasive! Finally it's all behind you!! Yay!! Enjoyed girls night last night! Always, fun! Enjoy your kids and hubby today!

Brooke & Freeland said...

SO thankful everything is going well and little Joy is back home and healthy! I will have to show Free the pictures - he will enjoy getting to see the surgery!

Anonymous said...

So gross..and yet somehow so incredibly beautiful to see. Thanks for sharing Mary!