Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And now I'm sure it was a cold

Last week leading up to Joy's surgery I tried to keep everyone from getting sick. I failed. Charlie was on three breathing treatments a day all last week, (and still...) but seems to be over it. Ty's nose was runny yesterday so I tried giving him Claritin to see if it was allergies and it helped but didn't totally eliminate my need for a constant Kleenex supply in my pocket. And to confirm my suspicians that it was, in fact, a cold that Charlie had-I woke up during the night with a sore throat and ear ache.

It's all good being a parent. Since I've had dried snot on my shirts since last Monday it's really a mystery how I caught it.

Before you worry that Charlie was down and out last week, check out this picture Mom sent me.

Apparently she did this all by herself and came to Mom for the obligatory "cute" comment. She wasn't feeling too terrible.

Joy has a new trick if you can call it a trick.

She is proud of that tongue. I have to believe she is teething though my other kids have both gone through the drool phase for months before an actual tooth appears. I'm telling myself and anyone who will listen that she is teething because if she's not then she has totally abandoned her nap schedule for no reason.

We kept Phoebe for Emmy last weekend so to keep the gross factor high I thought I'd show you one days' worth of Phoebe hair. I'm not kidding.

Emmy, believe me it wasn't hard to keep her. So what if we swept about four times more than usual. Your babysitting has earned you lots of labor on our part.

The end. I need more Sudafed.


Julie said...

Let's talk about dogs...we have a long haired German Sheppard. I have dog hair in my house ALL the time and I have the vacuum out right now to suck it up. I'm sure this is a bit freakish but I pretty much vacuum every day! I loved the pic and resemble that remark!

I hope to see you at M2M Friday :)

Carley said...

Hey friend! Sorry you aren't feeling well! Did you go to waxa? I'm sure you could use a vacation at nattie and popeye's! ha! Hope you feel better and the kids stay well!

Emmy said...

So sorry about Phoebes. If you saw Dad's truck, you wouldn't feel so bad. I could make a fur coat out of the shedded hair on the seats - all of the seats. How does it get in the front seat when she is allowed only in the back??????

Julie said...

K, I forgot to comment on Joy's cute little tongue thing. With practice she may be able to make a 4 leaf clover too :)