Monday, November 2, 2009

"Not Me" Monday

It's officially my first time to join in the "Not Me Monday" fun. I feel like I join in almost every day and share the stories but it's sure fun to join a large group of people telling their mishaps and making each other feel better about them!

So for today, here are a few things that didn't happen in or around my household.

I DID NOT enjoy a large amount of guacamole during the Halloween festivities at my sister-in-law's house. And it was NOT ME who used celery as my dipping instrument in effort to avoid the extra calories of chips. As if guacamole is calorie-free. I certainly DID NOT choose not to record it as part of my daily intake because that's what holidays are for and it is NOT ME who plans on doing the exact same thing at Thanksgiving. Nope, NOT ME.

I DID NOT get appointments mixed up for this week, double booking two things that are too important to cancel. Both are for Ty and I DID NOT completely miss the alerts I had set up on my phone to make sure I didn't double book. I never do things like this, (averaging once a day.) Nope it is NOT ME who misses even her own alerts.

This week I DID NOT load all parts of the blender, the food processor, and the salad spinner into the dishwasher just so I wouldn't have to wash them and put them away. Nope, I'd never do that knowing that my husband always unloads the dishwasher late at night when he gets bored. Since it's FOR SURE NOT ME who goes to bed right after my kids most of the time. And they go to bed around 7.

It was certainly NOT ME who forgot to buckle my son into his car seat before leaving for Bible study and I most certainly DID NOT put the car in park and climb to the back to buckle him in only to find that I had also forgotten my Bible. Finally, it was NOT ME who then realized I didn't even have my purse/wallet/drivers license/money to bail myself out of prison for forgetting to buckle my son into his car seat. Nope, NOT ME.

And my worse/most embarrassing/life-altering thing for the week, I DID NOT momentarily lose my child during the Halloween festivities, only to find that he had just picked up where we left off and joined another group of people we didn't know and go trick or treating with them. Nope, it was NOT ME who panicked at the thought that he was not where I thought he was and it was also NOT ME who stayed up most of the night praying for direction as a parent because WHO LOSES THEIR CHILD ON HALLOWEEN when there are 15 adults in their family within a five foot radius of her children at all times...No, NOT ME!

Anything that didn't happen in your house or car this week you're willing to share?


Anonymous said...

So funny Mary! I had some "not me's" this week and thought about posting for the first time today...

I think mine might make you feel better! And, no worries about losing Ty... because you didn't really LOSE him at all... he just wandered away a little further than you though!? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh so FUNNY! Praying for direction as a parent. We are so hard on ourselves!!!

Carley said...

Oh my! Never a dull moment being a mom, huh?! You are too funny!

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

Love this! Its humoring when we realize that we all have crazy moments!