Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Big Mama's protege

Today on Big Mama's blog there were ideas for iPhone apps to help take pictures. I've used the Photoshop app but today I played with the ones she suggested. Wow. Such easy ways to take pretty shots. Look.

Yo Gabba Gabba before getting dressed for the day=very happy boy

"Hear ye hear ye"

This one is my favorite-it's the Camerabag one. I wish Big Mama was my neighbor don't you? I know Emmy agrees with me-we'd have lots of fun if Melanie lived nearby. I think she'd like us.

Off to our lunch date with Cody and Carley-wish me luck!


Carley said...

I hope you didn't need "luck" because you were eating with us. ha! :) It just sounded funny...I think it went pretty smoothly.

I love Big Mama...she is one I'd love to know in person! She's hilarious! Glad the apps worked...

Emmy said...

The last picture of Charlie is REALLY good. Oddly, I think she kind of looks like Mom. ??? From the back, I mean.

Julie said...

Love the photos...and the apps are very cool!

julie mac :)