Saturday, April 24, 2010

I have not one picture of the bride

but look at this ring bearer. my nephew henry.
oh my. i mean oh my. is that cute or what
yep that's cute
what kept charlie busy during the ceremony until she abandoned all inside voices, (since it was, after all, an outdoor wedding,) and we had to stand in the back for the rest of the wedding
this was my view of the bride and groom. yep, not the best. not their fault-i sat on the end on purpose.
my view of joy and what kept her busy-ziplocs with ammo for the big kids
cutting a rug
mom sitting/monitoring the dance floor
charlie's moves. god love her
emmy and ethan (efan as far as charlie is concerned)
master ty figuring out how to pull the tents down

the best family picture. graham, ana wearing her bridesmaid get-up complete with cowboy boots, ty, me, joy, dad, emmy, ethan, henry, mom, and charlie giving you a great view of her diaper since i forgot the girls' bloomers. nice. sean and i double-booked for today since i never wrote amy's wedding down on our calendar. i'm organized like that. he took a photography job about three months ago for another family friend and when we figured out the dates were the same it was too late for him to back out so i represented the family today. it was such a fun time and made me proud to be from texas where wearing cowboy boots with a formal is totally normal and encouraged.

i'm so tired i can't even capitalize things so i'm going to bed now. but wait. one more picture.
charlie decided she was really ready to go at about 8 o'clock. the kids are usually in bed between 7 and 7:30 so i knew it was risky to go to a wedding that started at 6:30 when they are usually getting in the bath. they did great until the ride home which i'm sure i'll tell you all about when i've got a good 12 hours of sleep under my belt.

you're welcome.

oh and there was a girl there with my exact same dress on in what i'm certain was a much smaller size. i need some sleep.


Sarah Sharp said...

Those dresses were precious! So much cuter than the one you showed us and that one was cute, too!

I was shopping for Will and Reed last night and kept stopping to admire the girl clothes and found myself picturing Joy in some cute outfits.

I need a girl. :)

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

You're brave, beautiful & hysterical all in one!