Friday, April 9, 2010

A tale of three loves

I spend 99% of my time with three little loves

Represented by these three little circles

And even though you hear about the downs more than the ups because it's therapeutic for me to write about them, there are a lot of ups.

Like just now when I pulled up in front of our house to get the mail, (killing time while the Orkin poison dries,) Ty said, "Oh look mommy it's our home! I wonder if my Daddy is in there!" And I almost cried because a mere 6 months ago he was saying, "Home. Mom. Look!" and I wasn't sure if that's all he could say.

And when Charlie was in the bath this morning talking to the rubber duckies: "Hi duck it's okay baby duck Charlie right here it's okay." and then she handed Joy a duck and said, "Here go sister. Here's a duck." She shares more than I do.

So even when I complain and moan about them sucking the life out of me, know that it's actually them that give me energy most of the time. Them and Diet Dr Pepper of course.


Anonymous said...

Amen Mary! And I love the necklace! It's too gorgeous these days for us NOT to get together soon! We're spending lots of time outside in sandboxes and with water toys... ya'll need to come on over!

Emmy said...

That was sweet. I am so proud of Ty. And thank goodness for Charlie's joy and cuddliness.

Miss Mommy said...

Very precious...I am excited for Luke to talk more- it's coming, just slowly. :)
And praise the Lord for the combination of caffeine and diet.

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

Awesome post, Mary! I have been asking my husband for a necklace of that sort since last Mother's day...then I told him to hang off because we didn't know Rustin's name yet...then at Christmas I never gave him a clear picture of what I wanted...I may have to send him a link to your post! LOL!

Mary said...

The necklace is one of Lisa Leonard's. Her website is (I think)

Mary said...

I was wrong-it's