Thursday, April 8, 2010

That a girl

Since Joy's birth she has preferred to snack instead of eat a full meal. It drove us crazy for the longest time honestly. She wanted to look around or get down instead of focussing on eating. Mom calls her "busybody" and it's so true-the girl doesn't like to just sit and take things in. That's Charlie's job. When Joy mastered this new skill, no one cheered louder than I did. Except maybe Mom.

Sorry for the jumping around...It seems that once I start recording a kid I immediately become interesting to them and they attack me.

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Carley said...

So fun! The only downfall to those bottles is that they leak if they are turned upside, Cody doesn't get to play with his very much! He can have the sippy cup all he wants. Go Joy!!! You are one big girl! I know that makes your momma happy!