Monday, April 5, 2010

Dollar store fix

Hair bows can take over if you're not careful. Sean's sister Amy gave me all of these on Sunday.

I'm not complaining!! Really. But that's a lot to fit in the tiny drawer I have set aside for hair bows. I had to get resourceful. I had to think. I had to put my dollar store junk to good use. So here's what I did.

Got these massively tacky pink butterflies out of the closet where they were sitting in a Dollar Tree bag. I couldn't NOT get them a year ago. Don't ask me why. I just liked them. And I was eight months pregnant. I bought three. Three for a dollar. So today I stuck two of them to the wall in their bathroom. With classy thumbtacks of course.

And started filling them up. The lower one is the bows she can wear now, the ones with the simple clip. The higher one is for later since the clip is so heavy it would overwhelm even Charlie's mop I mean hair. See the difference?

Easy clip that even Sean can do.

Bigger clip that Sean will have to learn to use.

Here's the before/during.

Still during...

And after.

What do you think? A good use for my dollar store junk? I think so!


We Three Smiths + 1 said...

Very good use of Dollar Store junk! I ♥ the Dollar Store! Really, I do! Big Lots, Dollar Tree, Dollar General...they all work!

Emmy said...

I love it. I like how the different colors mix together to look like the butterfly wings.

Carley said...

I think its great!! Good idea! The colors are fun. Way to be creative!!