Friday, October 12, 2012


If we are friends on Facebook you saw my post about Ty facing his biggest fear this week. I had a talk with him on Tuesday night about being brave. We went to the fair on Monday and he liked parts of it and then was afraid of other (predictable) parts. I told him that I knew he didn't like parts of it but that if he'd stayed home because of fear he would have missed the fun. He said he wasn't sure if he could be brave since his daddy was who used to tell him about being brave. Oh Lordy can I take that over please. I will not bash their dad to them because it's not helpful and it's sure not something that will be redeeming for anyone. They've got enough to face in the future without trying to sift through my anger at their daddy.


It's time for ME to tell them about facing fears. Not that I'm an expert or anything but well I kind of am. My way of life now is based on the Truth that if I really trust God to stick with me I don't have to be afraid. Things will come up that scare me, sure, but living in's life-zapping. I work hard at resting in God's perfect and "with-it" plan for me. I do work at it. I'm not trained all the time yet. I guess once I'm there I'll start sky diving and leaving my doors unlocked. Until then, I'll work at it.

Okay so anyway. On Wednesday around 1 my phone rang and it was the school.

(dun dun dun.)

It was his teacher. She said Ty had some news. He got on the phone and this is what I heard:

"Mommy guess what you'll never believe it guess what I did today I stayed in PE the whole time the PE in the gym mom I did it and it was fun mom not scary well a little bit scary at the beginning but then it was fun I was so brave!!!!!" One sentence. Not sure he breathed between words. I dang near cried.

It's been a big deal at our house since PE was the only thing he didn't do at school. He went to a resource room and played a Wii (awesome, I know,) instead. Other than things that come up inside his classroom that his teacher modifies (I'm giving her a kidney if she needs one,) he does what the other kids do. PE was the big hurdle and he did it. He's gotten tons of praise, a few prizes, shout- outs on's been a big deal.

I just overheard my dad and Ty having the best little conversation. Dad said, "Ty I am so proud of you because you overcame a fear this week. You were scared and you faced your fear and then you got to do something great! Most people just give in to their fears and stay safe. You didn't do that and I'm so proud of you."

That alone is like the best conversation ever...but then Ty said,

"Ummm...yeah I was afraid but then I was brave so that's a good thing."



Anonymous said...

Yes, Go Ty! What an amazing thing it is to see a child's world open up by learning to trust. You are such a testament to that Mary- they are truly blessed to call you Momma!

Allison said...

I read Romans 8 this morning and thought of you. Our sufferings are nothing compared to the glory that will be revealed in us. I know this is true and I cling to it, for my family, for you. I also love your honesty about anger because I wish I could karate kick something for you if it would help at all. But God's got this. He does. And I'm going to pray for you and praise Him in the meantime.
You are awesome. Your kids are awesome. Prayers going up.

Nori-Lyn Alford said...

Hurray Ty! So proud of you! You are n amazing woman Mary. Your kids are a great testament to that fact.

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

Yay, Ty!!!! That is so awesome, Mary!!! I love it!