Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sleep: it's what's for dinner (and breakfast)

Okay y'all either I'm having psychosomatic symptoms after seeing Amy or I've contracted my own debilitating illness. Or I have allergies for the first time in, oh, 33 years. Or am I 34? I forget.

Today during my free day (all kiddies at school,) I tried to sleep. Like from 5:45-9am all I thought about was climbing back into bed and sleeping until pick-up time. I couldn't sleep so I caught up on some news and paid the bills. Then I ate lunch with some friends and laughed about how we have turned into the ladies from Steel Magnolias. My life, it is a fairy tale.

My real reason for a post tonight is to tell you that Amy is slowly but surely improving. Her eyes still twitch but not as fast and she has been able to get up a little bit to move around. Truly an answer to the prayers of so many!! She has gotten some of her spunk back too, which is so encouraging. I can still hardly believe how sick she has been. Use OFF people. You don't want to feel the way she has felt!

Most Thursday nights I think through the weekend plans and more than ever I'm thankful we don't have any this weekend. Making pumpkin whoopie pies and painting pumpkins, yes. Sleep, sweet sleep, yes.

Okay bye.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Mary, I'm so glad she's doing better! I love your weekend plans... might just adopt them as my own!

Jenny Seymore said...

If you get to be Wheezer - who does that make me?? Glad to hear that Amy is starting to feel better.