Monday, October 1, 2012

Update on Amy

I kinda left y'all hanging didn't I? Here is an update on my sister-in-law Amy. As of today she has been in the hospital for 8 days. After tons and tons of tests-bloodwork, lumbar puncture, MRIs, CT scans--their best guess is West Nile.

I have never seen someone so sick without knowing why. Amy is spunky, a triathlete, a fighter. She can do everything and is always helping other people. Seeing her now you'd never know how healthy she is on a normal basis.

Today I had a free day since all of my kids are back in school. I'm sitting beside her. She's in the fetal position, asking for help, asking to feel better. Please pray for healing. Her eyes have twitched non-stop since last Monday. Severe pain in her head, nausea, fatigue. Her whole body is tired. Up until now they have tried to treat the symptoms as they come but they have not lessened or gone away at all.

Thanks y'all. Believing that today will be the day she turns a corner!

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