Sunday, January 27, 2013


We needed a change of scenery. We needed to get away. So we took my aunt and uncle up on the offer to stay with them and soak up their city.


Seriously why do they pose like that. I mean I don't pose like that.

The girls were so excited to ride the train with Katherine, my aunt.

Ty was not. Not at first anyway. He loved it once we got started. Now it's his favorite part of our trip.

Joy's favorite'll never guess...

Katherine's gift of happiness

Charlie's favorite part was getting her Ariel balloon. Yep. By the time we took this picture Joy had changed her mind about her pick. She no longer wanted a ladybug in case you couldn't tell.

What is Ty pointing to? Even he poses for pictures. Where have i gone wrong I ask you.

My favorite part? Well how could I pick.

I'd have to say the kids' own pictures, as evidenced by these last few. Letting your kids hold your phone is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you're gonna get.


Emmy said...

Oh my gosh! Your trip looks so much fun! I can tell the kids were having a great time. It's neat to see them having fun with M & K the same way we did when we were their age.

Linzy said...

Looks like a blast!