Thursday, January 17, 2013


I vividly remember last January having to decide if I'd put Valentine's Day decorations up or not. I wasn't feeling the love or anything. Clearly I was not looking to think about love at all.

This year, though, I think I "get" love in many new ways. Neighborly, brotherly, friendship, support, family, loving someone through grief, disappointment, I could go on. This year it looks Valentine's Day threw up all over my house.

Between painting the office and turning it into a craft room, (I mean who needs an office around here??) I've put hearts on everything that stands still. My mom never failed to brighten our house with fun decorations each season and I'm trying to do the same thing. Our house isn't perfect or cohesive or even tidy most of the time but it's filled with love and for the next month or so it's filled with hearts too.

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