Friday, January 4, 2013

Dream a little dream


One night after another I've had the weirdest dreams. I'm attributing it to the sad fact that I'm changing meds again...the one I tried for a few weeks made me more and more nauseous. It started out like a minor carsick feeling, which I can function with. About four days ago, though, it was terrible. I couldn't sit up straight, everything blurred. Awful. So I stopped taking it, (Cymbalta,) and didn't take anything for three days. Yesterday I took the first dose of a new one, (Lexapro) so maybe my brain is just freaking out from the yo-yo of meds I don't know. Here are a few of the dreams.

-magic carpet rides

-talking pet monkey

-a phone call asking me to be on a TV show about decorating (lol)

-living in a tree house

-getting a pet dog who also drives the car like my chauffeur

-being held as a prisoner in a different country

-driving into a city then realizing I have no idea which building I'm supposed to go to. In the dream I decide to just play Xbox on my phone in a parking lot instead. (??)

-being on a plane going to New York and looking out the window to find Rockettes dancing on the clouds.

-Ty is about 15 and we sit at the kitchen table talking about his teachers, who happen to all have the same name: Drisella. Oh and he looks nothing like Ty in the dream.

-I get a letter asking me to be in charge of a horse therapy program for autistic kids and I reply that I don't know anything about horses. They show up at my door with a Great Dane with a saddle and say I should practice riding.

Are y'all worried about my sanity yet?

Happy Friday!


Bonnie said...

Oh my goodness. Those are crazy dreams! But I think we dog acting as a chauffeur would be pretty nice! Ha!

Bonnie said...

THE dog :)

Michelle said...

The dog chauffeur and rocketts in the clouds are greatness!!!