Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm a Big Kid Now

I can sit on the bench by myself and eat my lunch. Fries. No sides please. I don't do fruit.
I can play the piano. I like to touch each key and reflect on how it makes me feel. I'm a musical genius. Momma is trying to figure out how to tie that to getting me to talk.
I can climb the ladder and go down the slide at almost any playground. With or without shoes on. Momma forgot my shoes again this week when I met David at the playground.
Here I am on a good shoe day going down the slide at Mimi's house. When I am done sliding I clean up the ground by separating the wood chips from the concrete. Daddy gives me lots of praise when I clean up! Momma is perplexed that I know how to put the wood where it goes and I still won't say, "Momma."


Carley said...

its so fun watching him grown and learn new things! :) and i love how he gets so excited and proud of himself!

Emmy said...

WHY won't he just say "momma?"
??????? Compared to all the things he DOES say, momma is not that difficult.

I love that he cleans up after he slides.