Saturday, November 22, 2008

Attack of the Mommy Brain

Just a few examples of my Mommy brain showing itself:

The other day I was so tired I put Ty to bed in Charlie's crib and made it out the door before I realized that something didn't look right. I went back into her room to find him standing up, looking at me like, "Mommy you need a nap more than I do."

I lost my Bluetooth headset two days ago for the 4th time since I got it three months ago. Lost it like having no idea when I had it last or where I was. Sean and my mom have tried to help me remember but it has usually been a lost cause. This time it turned up in the car that Sean leaves at the airport during trips. In the side panel of the door, about to fall out.

Today I went to pick up Sean's prescription refill at CVS and after running into a store near our house to cash in on a coupon (cutest kids boutique and I got a $15 coupon, which, in turn, doesn't buy that much but it was free money,) and made it home without ever thinking twice that I had not accomplished my task. Until Sean said, "Did you remember to go to CVS?" At least he asks nicely.

I find laundry in the washer that has already been washed, just not transferred to the dryer. 
Like days old, stiff laundry. And this happens often.

People will knock during the day and I'll answer the door to find one of my babysitters ready to watch the kids--and I'll act like I'm not surprised at all and that I was planning on it.

I have burned countless bread products because it never occurs to me while preparing dinner that I have to take things OUT of the oven that I put in.

I was starting to think that we were getting an obscene amount of junk mail until I realized it looks like a lot of mail because I only remember to get it about every third day. 

There are many more but true to form, I can't remember any of them. 

To think God is sending another child into this family to be under my care. 


Emmy said...

I haven't noticed a thing. I do a lot of those things anyway. Don't feel bad. You seem pretty normal.

Anonymous said...

I read this post yesterday and last night immediately thought of you during a definitely bout of "mommy brain"... I had gone upstairs to put on PJ's and went to put on my glasses and realized when I put them on everything was really blurry. I cleaned them like 3 times and everytime I put them on I couldn't see! I was starting to get very frustrated and thought to myself "I can see better with NO glasses?! What is going on?!!"... Then I realize, I hadn't taken my contacts out. DUH! This was like a 10-15 minute endeavor. It's amazing I haven't caused much harm to myself or my child!