Monday, November 10, 2008

I would show you a picture but...

I would show you a picture'll have to trust me on this one. Let me give you a little history: I have my dad's teeth. They aren't good. They aren't much tougher than thin sheets of ice. My dental history is long and my file is thick. Growing up in a small(er) town I went to the same dentist my whole life until I got married. I would drive home from school, work, graduate school, wherever I was to go to him because well, he had my file. Once I got married it became clear that driving over an hour every time I had a tooth issue was a little much since I lived among 50 dentists per square mile. Luckily, there was a great referral for me once I decided to see someone closer to my new home. Two years ago I went to him at the urging of my sister-in-law Amy. Her best friends' husband is a dentist and he's got some serious rewards/honors under his name. The first time I saw him they took pictures of all of my (I think,) 5 teeth that needed help at the time. I was pregnant with Ty. I hadn't gotten around to fixing things so I went every other day for about 3 weeks to get things fixed. Then when I was newly pregnant with Charlie I broke another tooth. Now when I say break I mean break. Like pieces of the tooth crack off or completely shatter. Sorry if this is gross but at least it didn't happen in YOUR mouth. In two years it has already gotten to the, "Well, you weren't kidding about being a frequent flier here..." statements from his staff. 

Well, I've been doing pretty well with the crown(s) that I already have and I've been careful about which ice I chew--a major problem with teeth anyway and I've been told to steer clear of anything but Sonic ice--and my million dollar teeth as Sean calls them have been hanging in there. Until yesterday. I was bonding with a high school student at church while sharing her Halloween candy and chewing on some DOTS when I heard a loud crack. Oops. The bonus is that is a tooth that has already been fixed once. 

I'll keep you posted. I know you're excited. I would show you a picture but the whole idea is to have it fixed before people notice. :)

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Emmy said...

Uh... yeah... I have Dad's rock candy teeth, too. Remember, I had 7 (SEVEN) confirmed cavities the first time I saw your dentist... 7 confirmed and 2 two more that they're "keeping an eye on." Which reminds me I am late for an appointment. Which means it will be time to have those 2 more fillings. $$$.