Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Do What?

Am I a little behind on posts or what? Sean is still editing the Halloween pictures and I hope they are as cute as I think they will be--I have a little frame for each kid to put pictures from this year in and I keep dropping hints that I need to put the Halloween decorations away so...

Soon maybe? Can I just tell you what he HAS been doing with his week off from work? Finishing the fence, cooking, helping me fold laundry since I'm about 3 weeks behind, (since I nap now during nap time and I used to get laundry done then,) taking the kids out of the house when I'm nauseated, and overall just doing what seems like everything. He's the greatest.

I went to my Dr. today and I'm exactly 12 weeks pregnant. I heard a good strong heartbeat so the fact that we're expecting another baby is hitting home. DO WHAT? You would think it would have by now!! I keep looking at the kids while they are having fits going, "What are You thinking, Lord?" I must say dependence on Him for answers/guidance is becoming more and more necessary which is, I know, where He wants me. I just can't fathom raising another child in the midst of the mediocre job I'm doing now. I am truly thankful for another chance at it but the reality is just scary. He will surely answer my prayers! After all, He has proven that He will meet me where I am. 

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