Friday, November 28, 2008


If Charlie could read, I would write this letter to her for her 1st Birthday:

Dear Bean,

I don't know why I call you "Bean" but since switching to that from "Stinky," I have found it fits you. You're like my little jelly bean, sweet and uplifting to people who see you. This is a picture from the first day that I met you. You were a big girl, and at three weeks early you still outweighed your brother. Someday you will probably have a complex about that but I hope that God teaches you early on that you are truly beautiful and that it doesn't matter what you look like--You are His baby girl and you are perfect.

On this day one year ago, you came into the world and never cried unless you were hungry. Like really hungry. In the hospital I prepared myself for you to 'wake up' and stop being a good, easy baby. You never really changed. To our delight you slept for four hours between every feeding and slept through the night all by yourself without us having to let you cry.
Your Daddy took this picture. Man does he love you, Bean. He thinks you are the cutest thing ever--and I do too since I think you look just like him. Your Daddy is already making up excuses for why you won't be allowed to date until you are 40. 
Oh this is the look we get an awful lot. You just sit and watch everything and kind of look adoringly at your brother and at us. You are a content, lovely little person and it doesn't matter that you are not hitting any of the milestones set up for you--Like I said, God gave you to us and you are perfect. You can crawl one day if you want to and if not I guess I'll just keep lugging you around until you throw my back out. 

This is you in your happy place. Aside from your thumb in your mouth, this is how you sleep at a year old. Kind of praying maybe? Oh you are so peaceful when you sleep. I am so thankful that you love to sleep!! Mommy prayed specifically for a good sleeper and you have become a champ in that department. I have to admit I do actually like comforting you a little when you wake up early in the morning (what am I saying?) because you still love to cuddle. You are my baby girl and I had no idea how powerful that would be to me until I held you. Then when Daddy holds you and talks to you, oh how I melt. 

Little girl, you are loved and treasured. Happy Birthday!


Miss Mommy said...

I can't believe she is one!!! Charlie is just precious and you are doing a splendid job of loving your kids. I also am stunned you are well on your way to #3...I am trying to avoid that, juts so you know... :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a sweet post! Happy birthday to your precious baby girl! And congrats to you for making through another "first year!" I hope you're feeling well! How long until we find out whether #3 is a girl or boy?

Carley said...

Happy Birthday Charlie! I love thatt sweet little girl and her big grin!! You are a fabulous mom and it will be fun to continue to watch Charlie grow this coming year! (finally catching up on blogs!)