Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Get Bored

I get bored easily so to kill two birds with one stone I changed my background. Do you like it? Now I won't get bored and since I was getting sick of trying to read other blogs through the little white dots that problem is gone too. I can imagine that you won't miss them either!! 


Emmy said...

Okay, if you want to know the trut, the little black swirlies beside the "Give Thanks" sign are kind of distracting. They overlap the print. I like the edge a lot and think the colors are reallly pretty, though.

Emmy said...

excuse me , "if you want to know the TRUTH," not the "trut."

Emmy said...

I kinda feel bad about saying the black swirlies are distracting. The rest of it looks great and is very soothing. As long as you scroll up, the swirls don't get in your way.