Monday, February 8, 2010

Blast from the past

I took the girls to my parents house to hopefully beat the inevitable-that they would both catch The Croup as we now call it. Guess what. It worked! At least so far...

While hanging around my hometown I tried out a new restaurant and loved it. The look, the food, the people. Well see for yourself.

Cool, isn't it? They have fantastic Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches.

Look. Yum.

This one liked the fries. No surprises there.

After her belly was full-literally-look at her sweater-we put her in bed and her life was complete.

Here's the front of the place. Taken with my phone of course so you can probably see my's called Byrons. Can't wait to go back!

And on to the title of my post: a blast from the past. This was our family at the State Fair last year. Technically two Octobers ago. I was pregnant with Joy and feeling nauseous and lucky for me fried food tastes really good when I'm not feeling great. Weird I know. The Fair was not shy about sharing it's food with me. Corn dog, funnel cake, twister fries and all. And the occasional Diet Coke.

You know, just to even things out.

Other than Sean looking miserable we had a good time. See, even though he grew up in the same area he didn't grow up going to the State Fair??????? It's still a mystery to him really. But he goes and hardly complains now. I think he's realized it's one of those things about me (and my family) he'd better just get used to.

Ain't marriage grand?

Right now just to appease him and his desire for Mexican food I'm going to make a new batch of chipotle salsa. I call salsa hot sauce, (another mystery to him,) and never eat much of it at home. Going out to eat, now that's where I make my sacrifice. Only to make him happy of course.

I'm rambling. Y'all have a great day. If you live in my area, what is up with the rain? I mean really.

Ok I'm done.


We Three Smiths + 1 said...

Seriously so tired of the rain. BUT, someone told me last week that this weather will make me that much more thankful when spring that is my new mantra!

Good job keeping those girls well!

Julie said...


love, love, love the fair...go BIG TEX!!! Hope Ty's better!

Hattie said...

That cheesesteak looks yummy! We love going to fairs too and all that good food!

Emmy said...

Oh, look how BIG Charlie is in the State Fair picture. "Big" as in, her legs are bigger than Ty's!!! She has slimmed down a lot! Even though her stomach is hanging out of her sweater. Poor Charlie. Following in Aunt Emmy's footsteps.

Emily said...

Where is this new place? I must try it!

Mary said...

Emily it's next to Joe Gallo's office-right across from the Rogers Hotel. yummmmm

Carley said...

sounds yummy! cute pick! fun seeing the picture of you guys at the fair. My how much a year can change things!

Jenny Seymore said...

Mom has been raving about it too. You'd think that I would be a frequent visitor of this place since I'm right here on the square. I've never been either. Looks yummy though!

Cute picture from your "Blast from the past"!!