Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Girls Vs. Boys

Moms of boys: Do your boys give a rip, (care,) what they wear at all? Do they care if they wear their pajamas all day or show preference toward Crocs or tennis shoes?

Moms of girls: Do your girls show you at an early age that they'd like to take over the rights to their/your closet or am I alone here?

Ty couldn't care less what he wears on his body or his feet. Charlie wants to vote on every thing she wears, which I don't really let her do honestly. Sure for fun it's fine to let her pick but lately I've seen too much about Suri Cruise and her high heels and lipstick to let Charlie be totally in charge. I'm putting my foot down now while I still can! When she's 15 she can start picking out her clothes.

Oh I kid.

Kind of.

I had no idea if Joy would care about her wardrobe yet or not. Recently I told you that I'd be hosting another giveaway soon so today I thought I'd show you a little glimpse of what I'll be giving away while also proving my point: Girls care what they wear from a very early age.
"What have we here Mom? Hmmm looks and smells like something new for me..."
"Is it? It is! Something of my very own, never worn by my big sister? It can't be!"
"Mom, we're gonna need to change my outfit to match okay?" "K great."

More to come...including the official kickoff of the new kicks giveaway


Love Being A Nonny said...

That last picture...ADORABLE!

Sarah Sharp said...

Love the outfit and shoes!

Will doesn't care what he wears on his body. He does ask to put a jacket on sometimes which is funny considering he threw several fits in the fall when we went from short sleeves to long sleeves. But shoes - the boy has a slight shoe obsession. He loves his shoes, my shoes, your shoes, Reed's shoes. He really loved his new balance and we had to take them off him when he slept during the first two days but he also loves his crocs. And my red mary janes. And Brad's tennis shoes. Well, you get the point.

Rhonda Ackley Swenson said...

Thanks for the pictures, Mary! I love seeing them!

Michelle said...

I love that last picture and wish this post was true for my boy! Although he couldn't care less what he wears on his body, his feet are another story. If he had the choice, he would wear Crocs year round! The second he puts Crocs on, he wants to wear nothing else. So silly!

Mary said...

So funny that Will and Brody both care about shoes! I wish Ty did...shoot I wish Sean did LOL

Anonymous said...

Trevor is also shoe obsessed, but mainly he likes to try on different shoes (mine, daddy's, tatum's). Tatum is one who shows a DEFINITE preference for shoes. She will go get her most sparkly, shiny shoes and bring them to me to put on her. Oh, and she loves her crocs too!

These pics of Joy are SO SO cute! Her little face is so expressive!

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

Ryder could not give a flying flip about what he wears. He has JUST recently started being a little picky about his shoes, but I think that is just a comfort thing.

Love the pictures of Joy!! Rustin has a pair just like that in tan with brown stripes. They are still a little big on his tiny feet, but super cute!!

Carley said...

Such cute pics of Joy!! Cody has such a pretty girlfriend!