Friday, December 10, 2010

How to make a crazy wreath

Anything that doesn't look mainstream is "crazy" to my kids. Well, and my husband but whatever. I saw a wreath on a blog a few weeks ago-don't you wish I remembered which one? Me too-but I made one like it a few days ago and thought I'd give you a tutorial. A picture tutorial to be exact.

Get your trusty hot glue gun. Mine is a mini-me but that's all I really need. It was like $5 at Hobby Lobby approximately 10 years ago.

I found these "crazy" pom poms at Hobby Lobby earlier this week.

I ripped open the bags and kind of separated the sizes to see what I had to work with. I needed three bags to finish my wreath.

Then start sticking them on the floral wreath. Oops, you'll need a floral wreath. It was $4.99 at Walmart but they also had them at Hobby Lobby. So basically just keep putting the pom poms on there in no particular order. Or place them in a pattern if you want to-remember, it's a crazy wreath so get crazy.

And here you have it.

A crazy wreath to add to your decorations! I love it but I know I'm prone to liking things that are a little out-there.


Nash Family said...

My daughter would LOVE that! Except she would try to pick all the pom-pom's off!

Emmy said...

I love the crazy wreath. Is it more like a "cwazy weath?"