Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

Before launch into pictures of clothes I want to show you a more meaningful picture. This is Owen, my nephew on Sean's side that I asked you to pray for last week. He was born with a defect called imperforate anus and last week was his third surgery to correct everything. His mom sent this picture out to tell us he was released from the hospital! Things went very well and his surgery was a great success. Thanks so much for praying!

He's the 13th cousin on that side of the family. As Sean's mom said during Thanksgiving lunch, "Who'd have thought that one day there'd be THIS many people in our family?" Owen is a happy baby and he's home doing well. Thank You, Lord.

And now onto more menial things. What I Wore Wednesday.

Shirt: Walmart last week for $3.00.
Jeans: True Religion from EBay last year for $39.99
Boots: Frye

I added the sweater that morning until it heated up outside. Sweater: Buckle. I admit I felt a little bit like a crayon and that factored into my decision to lose the sweater as soon as it was remotely warm.

Shirt: Banana Republic outlet about 5 years ago
Dress: Target
Boots: (the faves) Anthropologie

I love this picture that mom took while we were taking our Christmas card pictures.

Um, the same boots. Again. I didn't take a full shot of this outfit but I'm wearing a black sweater that Carley gave me when it didn't fit her. Sarah gave it to her before that I think...the sweater has frequent flier miles! Thanks girls for sharing!

Tank: Target
Sweater: Sams
Jeans: Yanuk is the brand-got them at Restyle right after Ty was born
Flip flops: can't remember

Shirt: Walmart
Sweater: Anthropologie on sale for $29.99
Jeans: Old Navy from my senior year in college.
Boots that you can't see: Frye

I pretty much wear these two pairs of boots every day that it's cold. If I need heels I wear the Frye ones, (my Christmas gift from Nattie and Popeye four years ago,) and when I need flat boots I wear the other ones.

Okay that's all for this week's clothes. I'm off to find more Diet Cherry Dr Pepper, my favorite drink...yesterday two different stores told me they weren't selling it anymore but I'm not giving up yet. I'm kinda (really very) dependent on it. Anyone else have a What I Wore Wednesday post? Leave a link in the comments!



It's a Wannabe Decorator's Life said...

Never sick of the boots! You look super cute!

Meagan At Fairly Fabulous said...

Yeah for baby Owen. God is so great!! I just found your blog from Pleated Poppy. Love your yellow sweater and cute Anthro sweater. I'm having boot issues around here too. Pretty much wear tall boots every day it's super cold.

k said...

I'm the same way with a pair of brown boots that I have. When it's cold, you can't get me out of them! And good steal from Anthropologie! Very cute outfits (-:

Amber said...

Cute Outfits! I love both pair of your boots! I wear the same two pair also!

Anonymous said...

I'd wear those boots every day!

Sarah's Slate said...

Haha Mary here is the story behind that dress:
1. My aunt in CA bought it from Ross without trying it on.
2. Sent it to me cuz it didn't fit her.
3. I gave it to Carley cuz it didn't fit me right.
4. And now its yours! Woohoo!
So its brand new :)

Susanne said...

love your anthro boots and the fabulous sweater for $29.99! what a deal. i really like the yellow sweater too!

Vera Matson said...

The anthropologie boots and sweater are awesome! I love that store!