Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

Oh y'all, the outfits this week were nothing to write home about. Mainly because I didn't care at all in the midst of my kids being so sick. I know you'll agree that that was the bigger concern :)

First one is a self portrait and clearly I missed the target.

Basically you can't see anything that I'm wearing. You're welcome.

Top: Marc Jacobs (on sale) Christmas present last year.
Sweater: Sams

I took this yesterday at my dads office. I took the potty-training princess with me to pick up some presents for the kids' teachers that mom made. We had a fun day "just us girls," as Charlie says.

Shirt: Anthropologie sale
Skirt: Old Navy

From now on I'm gonna wear that shirt with jeans or black pants. It's helpful seeing pictures of an outfit even when it shows you what DIDN'T go together. Ahem.

Here is what Mom made the teachers.

So cute, right? Yep so cute.

Today I had lunch with Carley and wore this shirt that I really love from last winter. It's silk, (I know what you're thinking...) but it washes and dries with normal laundry! Genius! Thank you, Gap for your awesome sales last year. I had on some jeans from Forever 21 that were $9.90. And they're stretchy. If that's not hitting the jackpot I don't know what is.

Okay I'm off to fill more prescriptions. Everybody is on the mend. Woohoo!

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