Monday, December 6, 2010

Things I've learned from having children

A million dollars really isn't a whole lot of money.

"If you just sleep all night I'll give you a million dollars..." "poop in the potty and I'll give you a million dollars..." no takers

There is a time and a place for everything.

However, kid times and places are not on the same scale as big people. Me: (yawning at 4:30 this afternoon). Charlie: "Mom, you so tired you need to go to bed." "Well honey I can't just go to bed who would take care of you?" "Mom you so tired you need a blankie and go to bed." it's as if the world really could just stop for me to nap in her eyes.

There's no use crying over spilled milk.

Even when it's breast milk that you stayed up an extra 30 minutes after the baby goes down to pump. Crying won't make it come back into the storage bottle and you'll make fun of yourself later for (literally) crying over spilled milk.

Labrador retrievers are worth every penny AND every bad habit they have once they learn to retrieve multiple balls thrown by multiple little people.

Suddenly it's Max doing all the work when we go outside. Awesome.

It's a rule: we hold hands in the parking lot.

One never knows what or who might trip you. On that note, if you're prone to falling, hold hands everywhere.

Saying ugly things may come back to bite you in the rear.

Charlie: "No Joy dat's my Teddy bear..." later-Charlie tries to eat one of Joy's cookies and Joy gives her "the hand," (as in talk to the hand,) I tell Charlie that since she didn't share earlier and was ugly to her sister now Joy doesn't want to share with her.

Hmmmm. She's still processing that one.

Finally, you will never regret putting hot pink lights on a Christmas tree.

The excitement that little pink tree brings Charlie pales in comparison to the joy it brings me. Next year it's pink lights all around. To think I might have stuck with white lights had I not had Charlie with me when I bought lights this year. Tragic is what it would have been.

And that's it for today on what I've learned.

But here's a picture purely for your enjoyment.


Love Being A Nonny said...

What a great list! What an adorable baby girl!

Emmy said...

Show a picture of the pink lights tree!

Carley said...

Cute post...sorry i am just now reading it. :) Of course when I've been home the last few days I don't take the time to read blogs but as soon as I get to work I read them....and can't get motivated to work. ha! Love that picture of Joy! Oh and I can only imagine Charlies excitement with the pink tree! fun!