Friday, December 3, 2010

The most wonderful time of the year

Remember this from last year? I'm so glad I spent the time last year making my fancy Martha advent calendar. This year all I had to do was take it out of the cabinet. I'm not gonna lie-it took some time and hand strength to finish it but it was worth it. You can go to her website and type in "advent calendar" and learn how to make it! This year I put little ornaments in each bin for the kids to take out and put on a little tree on the counter. They're loving it!

We got our Christmas cards in the mail so each night I sit and address them. Sitting by the tree all lit up and drinking hot chocolate, (the diet kind so as not to mess with my blood sugar, so really it's more like just drinking hot water with chocolate extract-yum,) is my current favorite thing to do. This isn't our card picture but it's an extra one that Sean took while we were at Nattie's for Thanksgiving. Aren't those trees beautiful? This was me stalling waiting for Sean to come over for the picture. I may or may not have had candy in both of my pockets. Obviously the kid were onto me at this point and they kept trying to steal it.

This was me in the car before I went into the grocery store one morning.

This is me after. You could say it was windy.

Poor Joy keeps getting bombarded with Christmas clothes. No really I cant remember why she was mad in this picture but I wanted to document what she was wearing that day. I'm a wonderful sweet mother, aren't I? Oh I remember now...she was mad that I wouldn't let her touch my computer mouse. Yep that was it.

Have a happy Friday y'all.

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The Vineyards said...

You crack me up. I just adore you and your sweet little family. Your blog always makes me laugh. I can't wait to share those things when I have kids.