Monday, December 20, 2010

The weekend in pictures

Well...with captions

Party time at school Friday afternoon

Reward for pooping in the potty-mini gumball machine, (Dollar Tree-a huge hit with both big kids! Go get one!) This girl has done so well. I'm so proud of her. And I'm a little in shock honestly. I thought she wouldn't care about having mess in her panties. Quite the opposite. She's been accident-free for three full days and gone pee and poop in the potty.

Just so you know I'm not taking credit, big brother has done well at night-perfectly dry the first two nights then last night woke us up at 4 am yelling for help because he was wet and needed new pjs. Overall a success but he has held off on pooping for going on four days. Today we had to intervene and help him (fiber overload and a glycerine suppository) since clearly he's able to hold it for longer than the dr suggested we let him. He has been able to wait until he got his pull-up on at night to go. People told us he'd stop when he was ready but I think he would keep on holding it until he had a pull-up on until he was 20. We knew it would be a battle but finally today he's relaxing enough to go on the potty. A huge sigh of relief after a long time using pull-ups! Those things are expensive.

It's been a busy, taxing stretch of days but thankfully since Sean has been off of work it's been possible to go for it. We're thinking about taking the rail off Charlie's crib this week too. (Her crib converts to a big girl bed) I know, overkill.

We are looking at the money we will save on diapers and pinching ourselves. Saving about $90 a month is huge! I told Sean we should use that money for date nights if we survive this week.

So that was a really long caption.

Watching bulldozers for entertainment

Going to Dallas with me to meet Nattie and Popeye at Fuzzy's

Wearing whichever pants momma can find. Gender doesn't matter when bodily fluids are flying...AKA potty training.

Sean was not impressed with his son's capri pants with pink detailing.

Opened a care package from Nattie and found lots of new panties with Charlie's name on them.

That Nattie is loving her embroidery machine. We are benefitting the most from it for sure!

"Daddy's gonna kill Ralphie!" LOL. Please tell me somebody else thinks that when they see this picture. Any time I bundle the kids up I think of that movie.

The End.

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Anonymous said...

Mary! How awesome for Charlie and I'm so proud of Ty! Charlie confirms for me that waiting to train Tatum is probably wise... and Ty gives me great hope that ONE day, we'll be pull-up free and no longer depending on naps/night for potty business! We're talking a lot about it this week, and he's tried a couple of steps, baby steps!