Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas part 2

Well like you we've been going a little crazy this Christmas. If you're of the .01 % of people who doesn't go crazy then you probably ought to find a new blog to read because we're not going to get along.

Now that that's settled, let's get to the Christmas re-cap, shall we?

Last week, we started potty-training Charlie while also training Ty at night. (no pull-ups anymore.) We survived. So did the kids! In fact I'd venture to say we're all better people for the process, because like any spiritually pruning process, it ain't fun until you get to the other side and see what God was doing that whole time when you thought He'd gone on vacation. It's like that really--we lost sleep, cried, worried, got peed on, pooped on, and our lives revolved around who'd had enough apple juice that day and so help you if you gave the wrong kid, (the one who doesn't need juice or any added fiber,) the apple juice. Sean can tell you that I crossed over to the controlling side of things last week but I happily returned to my normal state just in time for Christmas celebrations. Thankfully the attention turned to the kids and toys and playful excitement instead of what we'd been focusing on. Just in time, the birth of Jesus reminded me that even the tiring days and nights of parenting pale in comparison to the gift that raising kids really is. Sometimes I um...need the reminder. Christmas was wonderful. The days leading up to it and the days after it were too.

Life is slowing down again and looking back, we are grateful that we have had family so close to us to celebrate with. We laughed and hugged and sang, (well, Ty sang thanks to his karaoke machine that Santa gave him,) we made fun of each other, we watched movies, got sucked into watching Minute to Win It, and soaked up lots of help from grandparents. We came home today after burning up I35 between Nattie's house and Mimi's house, unpacked bags, put the girls to bed and got a call from the showing service that there were two different agents wanting to view the house with clients. It was an action-packed day since we'd already started taking down decorations and dragging the very dead tree out when we got the call. Since we are home the day seemed relaxed too.

Since I'm all about adding chaos once something slows down I'm gearing up to go visit my brother and his family for a few days. I'm taking Charlie and since her longest car ride so far was from Denton to Waxahachie--normally an hour but that day was 3 due to bad traffic--this will be her first true road trip. I'm sure she will love it and she'll especially love getting lots of playtime in with her cousins that she rarely gets to see. Let's hope she does as well as I think she will!

I'll be in touch throughout the week but I'm not promising anything of substance.

Oh who are we kidding.

Has there ever been substance here?

Good night.

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We Three Smiths + 1 said...

So glad you all had a wonderful Christmas... be safe on your trip...can't wait to hear all about it!