Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Y'all, I feel empowered after your supportive comments about the topper. I love it even more after some reinforcements! I think it comes down to this: Sean is very traditional. His house was beige when I moved into it. Most of our furniture is beige or brown. Since I didn't want to scare Sean off I paced myself and went along with what he/we had. Obviously that's the cheapest way too-slowly, piece by piece, I've started unveiling my colorful world for Sean. He likes me, (well, loves me,) and finds it interesting that nothing has to match in my world. He just takes a while to get past the change. This topper is what my whole house will look like one day.

Sean, if you're reading, I'm just kidding.

Everyone else, I'm totally serious.

I'm sorry about the random pictures of Joy and her pigtails. But not sorry enough to stop.

Updates: sorry, there are a few.

My dad-he is doing great! Back to his old self minus the butter and fritos. My parents had to totally change the way they eat and they're doing well. Let's be honest-I went to the store for them that first trip. I bought them the same turkey bacon that I eat and when I went back two weeks later to visit, it still hadn't been opened. But they'll get there. To the land of healthy/tasteless eating. No really, healthy can taste good! It just takes more creativity, which they both have. They love to cook and they're enjoying new recipes. For long-term care he is on a few medications to keep his heart healthy but he is off the ones that caused him to feel crummy immediately following the heart attacks.

My nephew-I asked you months ago to pray for my nephew Owen. He has had two surgeries now and is having his third one tomorrow. He is thriving and healing after each surgery the way he is supposed to. Would you pray for tomorrow please? This is not as serious a surgery but it is still a surgery on a 7 month old baby and it's expected to be a long hospital stay. Thank you!

Sean is going to be home a lot this month and I'm loving all of the projects we have lined up. I love having him home during this fun time of looking at Christmas lights and enjoying the wonder of the season through the kids' eyes. Ty is still thriving in his school and we're so thankful. I'm so proud of him! Charlie still loves mothers day out. Loves it! Her little class is just full of other little talkers and they have made-up conversations constantly. Hilarious. Joy is trying out new words all the time and clearly has a temper. Little toot. I laugh every time I drop her off at church because I question whether we should have named her Joy when her face says, "anything but..." The girl just loves her little family and not many other people. I thank God for the nursery workers who have stuck with her. May it pay off one day :)

Max is still Max. I'm working on liking him more.

And last but certainly not cute new blog look courtesy of Heather, my fabulously talented friend. Thanks Heather! I love it!

And now I've gotta give in and watch the History channel. I've been watching it out of the corner of my eye because it's a special about Air Force One. The preparations, security issues, special secrets, etc. So interesting!

I really need to get out more.

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Michelle said...

K, first of all, I like the tree topper! It really is unique, but it stands out in a good way!

Second, glad to hear your family is doing well. Speaking of eating healthy, Justin and I made our first batch of turkey chili this week. It was actually very yummy!!

How is the house sale coming along?

Finally, I love the new blog. Does your friend do them as a business? I need to change out my pictures!