Tuesday, August 12, 2008


**I'm laughing at Sean whose entertainment for the kids was worth videotaping.**
We took some new pics today because I joined Facebook and I don't have a picture of myself that doesn't include an IV and a C-Section fog written all over my face. I did the Facebook thing so that the high school students will think I am still cool once school starts and we start working with them at church.  I tried to torture Sean to edit the pictures before his trip but since I bailed at 1:00 p.m. and just got home (9:00 p.m.) I really have no room to torture him about anything. Have I mentioned that he is the greatest husband? I went to Emmy's today to help her pick a paint color for her living room. No one ever asks me for decorating advice so she has been asking everyone BUT me to help her for longer than she'd care to admit...and today, thanks to me, we found the perfect color.  You're welcome.  The great thing is that since Sean is so capable I assumed things were running smoothly the whole time I was gone and never worried about anyone. I got to go eat at the Central Market Cafe and finish my meal.  Did you read that whole sentence? I got to eat. At Central Market.  And I got to finish.  Wow.  Quite a change from last night when after fighting both kids to stay in their high chairs Sean and I both exhibited some serious frustration that we couldn't even get through fried chicken and fried chicken is really easy to eat with one hand! Run-on sentence much...We went to Babe's here in Frisco.  Thank You, Lord Jesus for that place. It was our first time there and it reminded me so much of the joints in College Station.  Some good Fightin' Texas Aggie chicken I tell you. Can't wait to go back...maybe on a date? Can you tell we don't get out much?   


Emmy said...

THANK YOU for some serious help in the paint department. I was giddy after we chose the lovely color! Sorry that Sean was a single parent most of the day.

Crissy said...

Great picture!
Call me anytime you want to go to Babe's!! I LOVE that place. It is so good I just let Cody run around all he want and bother the other tables just so I can enjoy the food. YUM!

Carley said...

We love Babes!! Fun times! It reminds me of college station as well. LOVE your new pics...can't wait to see more! Let me know if you need anything while sean's gone! Emmy...when you are all finished with your place I need to come see this masterpiece I hear so much about!