Saturday, August 9, 2008

Little Help Please

I need a little help. My anniversary is coming up at the end of this month and my husband isn't giving me any ideas for what he wants on the big day.  He is a techie and buys things when he wants them (he saves money for years if there is not an of-the-moment Apple contraption that he wants.) He comes home with things that I have never even heard of.  Surprising him with a techie gift is impossible.  Lord knows I'd buy something on clearance without the possibility of returning it and find out he already has it.  Okay so I need some help.  What are past anniversary gifts that you have given/received that were a hit? 

He hunts, loves sports (FOOTBALL IS ABOUT TO START AGAIN GOD HELP ME), and he loves photography. I'd like to get him something he will like and actually use but I'm not above giving a gift he doesn't really need. I have been pregnant on both prior anniversary celebrations so I'm pretty sure anything but a positive pregnancy test will be appreciated. 

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