Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Popeye

This picture sums it up. I am so interested in you that I have to just sit and cross my legs to take you in.  Especially when you play your violin.  Will you teach me to really play soon?  I am glad you let me touch your nice violin that you got over in Italy when most people would not let a toddler get anywhere near it.  You trust me more than I should be trusted and that makes me feel good.  I don't know how to say much yet but your name is one of the few things I do say and when I see you and Nattie coming I sure do get excited...sometimes I even flap which worries Momma but you tell her I will be fine and not to worry.  You say, "Don't worry," a whole lot to Momma and everyone around you.  You are already teaching me that Jesus is my friend and I can talk to Him instead of worrying.  

My favorite thing to do with you is eat Blue Bell. Man is that stuff good.  Hope we have a lot of those good times ahead.  Maybe you could let me ride your lawn mower one day soon? My Daddy says our yard isn't big enough to warrant a riding lawn mower so we'll just do that at your house.  Lookin' forward to it.  

On a serious note, I want to talk to you about Momma.  She thinks she knows it all and that she has the right to tell me when I am doing something wrong.  Since we both know I am always right could you talk to her?  Thanks.  I love you Popeye.  Hope you have a good birthday.  Love, Ty.

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