Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back to School

Okay so I don't have anyone who just started school so for my back to school project I decided to sew Ty into his bed. Well not him exactly just the mesh bumper that HE STILL NEEDS EVEN THOUGH HE WILL BE TWO NEXT MONTH. It has become a bit of a problem--him sticking limbs through the slats out of curiosity (or disobedience,) and then realizing that he's stuck and needs 'hep,' only to find that even his parents are having a hard time getting him unstuck. The crib slats have sharp edges and while he manages to get things caught in them pretty easily getting them back out is nearly impossible. It doesn't help matters that his foot is the size of a 4th grader and since his brain does not match his size he pulls his foot until it blisters/bleeds. See, it's an issue. Don't even go down the big boy bed road with me. My kid would be "wrapping" (with toilet paper,) the whole house all night long if we didn't lock I mean keep him in his crib. 

A few days ago we put the good old mesh bumper back in his bed. About 2 1/2 minutes after closing his door for his nap he started complaining and when I went into his room the bumper was on the floor. Both sides of it. It has man-strength velcro. I wanted to say, "Okay well now if you get your foot stuck it's your own fault...momma tried to help you but you thwarted her plan so you are on your own buddy." The problem is that he is too young to rationalize what that means and all he hears is, "Wah Wah Wah Wah Wah Wah..." (Charlie Brown teacher voice.) And all he knows is that he is hurt and momma doesn't come to help him. Then I feel a little abusive so drastic times call for drastic measures. I sewed his little bumper onto his bed. I let him watch thinking maybe that would ease the trauma. For the most part he views this as me sewing him into his bed and what fun is there in that? No poking feet/blankets/balls/stuffed animals through anymore...You should have heard him whining. 

This morning when Sean went to get him he told me Ty had gotten the box of wipes off the table (how??) and into his bed and had a yard sale with them. He is determined to show me how creative he is with his crib activities. I want to wring his little neck but A) I love him and all of God's creatures and certainly do not want to cause him harm and B) it's kinda funny. 

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Carley said...

Ty, Ty, Ty...creative little man is he!

If he's not careful, he'll be sewn in there until he's three!

But his little smile will melt your heart and allow you to look past his creativity!