Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Three Years

Three years ago what did I know? 

I knew he was cute. I knew he was kind. I knew he was generous with his time. I knew he was organized. I knew he was funny. I knew he was a great photographer. I knew he was a planner. I knew he was a hunter. I knew he was a pilot. I knew he was dedicated. I knew he was forgiving. I knew he was the one. 

And after three fun-filled, blessed-beyond-our-wildest dreams years, this is what I know.

I know he is faithful. I know he was genuinely excited when I told him I was pregnant four months into our marriage. And then again when our first one was only 6 months old. I know he is gifted. I know he is even cuter. I know he is magical with our kids. I know he is merciful. I know he is devoted to me. I know he is happiest when he is serving. I know he is a terrible sleeper. I know he would love to hate me because I sleep like a log. I know he is not a morning person. And that he doesn't like breakfast food. I know that he calls me after every flight even when he doesn't have time because it makes me happy. I know he is crazy about Apple gadgets. I know he is impatient with things and patient with people. I know he already worries about Charlie dating. I know he turns scary movies/TV shows off when I am in the room so I won't have nightmares. I know that his heart is huge and full of grace. I know he doesn't hold it against me when I am not as gracious. I know he would sacrifice the little sleep he gets when one of the kids is sick. I know he is my best friend. I know he reads my blog just so my hit counter will go up. I know he is mine and I am his. I know he is the one.

Sean, you have given me so much and asked for little in return. Thank you for loving me well. Happy Anniversary! 


Carley said...

What a sweet tribute!
We love you guys and what an honor it is to be a part of your lives!

Emmy said...

Happy Anniversary!

emily freeman said...

I wish I had written was simply perfect! Well done, and happy anniversary!

Carley said...

I love that Jason's the one officiating in this pic. :) What a special day...