Friday, August 22, 2008

Fall Go Boom

Last night Ty was pushing a little (paper-only) trashcan around the house and slipped. He fell right onto the metal lip of the trashcan. What followed was total silence for about 5 seconds then the loudest scream I have heard out of him since Dr. Greebon pulled him from the womb. I had to distract him today to get close enough to take the picture without him noticing. 
Just catching up on a little reading...Chick-Fil-A has the best toys in their kids' meals. 
It's on his left side. See the bruise? 
Yeah there it is.  I know it doesn't look like much but it was a doozy. I slept with one eye cracked because I thought it would bother him but I didn't hear a peep. His sister got confused and thought she needed some TLC during the night ?? so it's nap time around here. For all of us. 


Miss Mommy said...

I love reading your blog. The one b/f this was priceless- every time I get cocky as a mama, I pay the price the way, couldn't see the one else can either, which is why they're not commenting...

Carley said...
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