Friday, August 15, 2008

I got it! I got it!

I haven't been this excited about mail since college letter day...I just opened the letter confirming our hotel reservation for an upcoming trip to Santa Barbara in a few weeks. Where is that Calgon song when you need to link it to your blog? My kids have actually been somewhat compliant today but nothing could be more exciting to me than a little getaway with my man. He used to live there when he worked for SkyWest and he is excited to show me around.  The beach, driving with the top down because it's not 107 degrees, and sleeping until whenever we I said, having a Calgon moment. Now, yes, there will be flying involved so there are flickers of hesitation but I am squashing them now. Once again Nattie and Popeye will be assuming their roles as Entertainment Director and Slave to my munchkins. Once again I'll try to bribe my sister to make an appearance so Ty will learn something new. Once again I will start missing them the second I am gone. Funny how that happens...Happy weekend.  


Carley said...

woo hoo! i am sooo excited about your trip. just in time for your anniversary! fun times with your hubby..."love you, miss you".

Miss Mommy said...

I am also super-excited for you! We are abandoning our own children tomorrow for 2 days to visit the Mayhalls!

Emmy said...

Aunt Emmy will bring her magic teaching gear and make a special appearance.
Our objectives will be to work on saying "Momma," "dog," and of course, "EMMY."