Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday David!

Happy Birthday David! You are two now and I think that means you are older than me. (It's Ty, by the way.) You are my best friend even though we don't really know that yet. You are a good friend, always finding me at church when we both just really want to go back home. You understand me and help me out. I like you a lot. Me and you will rule the school one day. 
Momma wishes I would smile on command like you do. Everybody likes it when you do that. All the ladies say you have really great eyes. 
Here we are playing at your house. I really like that car you are riding. Can I have it? Maybe I'll just try to steal it and put it in my car when we leave next time. 
I like it when you smile with a mouth full of food. That is really cool. It's a boy thing and I like it. Kinda gross, kinda practical. Yeah you are cool. You rock David. Happy Birthday. Love, Ty.

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Carley said...

Too Cute! Amazing how time!