Wednesday, August 13, 2008


My little family. It looks like Charlie is waving but she has no idea how to do that yet.

Ty was trying to slide out of my lap without getting in trouble.
But then Daddy started singing and dancing so he decided to stay and clap.
Can you tell it was windy? This will be our first anniversary picture without me wearing maternity  clothes...though you can't tell because this dress might as well be.
I think he had just eaten a leaf and he was shoving it into his mouth.
My little bean.  Doesn't she look JUST LIKE Sean?


Carley said...

Charlie does look just like Sean! She and Ty have the same cute nose too...what great pics! :)

Emmy said...

Did you realize that you and Charlie have the same dress on? Like Mommy & Me!

Lindsey said...

Those are such cute pictures! You look gorgeous!

Miss Mommy said...

Your family is PRECIOUS!!!!! And, yes, your little bean looks just like Sean!!!

Miss Mommy said...

Hi! So, I used to work at Babe's in Roanoke (by Argyle/Denton)...I guess I am quite a babe...anywho, in response to your question on my blog (didn't know where to answer!!) Luke pretty much sleeps all the time and then oscillates b/w smiling and crying the rest of the time- seriously. :) So, not a whole lot of development!! He seems stronger than Rebekah, but hasn't even rolled over yet- I guess he'd have to be unswaddled for that!

The Beauty Bargainista said...

How beautiful is your family? Love it!