Sunday, February 22, 2009

Look What I Found!

I'm back! I know you were hanging on the edge of your seat. Ha! I know I say it a lot but for the record, steroids are not your friend. They may be your unborn baby or your little girl's lungs' friend but they are NOT good for the mood of the already hormonal momma. Thankfully my blood sugar has returned to earth and it looks like I might not even need insulin yet (or ever again!) We will see in the next few weeks...This morning while Ty was happy watching Blues Clues and miss Charlie took her nap I cleaned out some pictures from my computer and look what I found! I might have posted some of these but just pretend you're seeing them for the first time if not. It'll be more fun that way. 

For our anniversary (the big #3,) in August, the man and I went to Santa Barbara for a little getaway. We'd planned on going somewhere this year because I'd been pregnant both prior anniversaries and couldn't travel--I hate to fly so the shorter the plane ride the better and I've never been anywhere in California besides LA. Sean used to live in Santa Barbara so it seemed like a good fit for a quick was! I highly recommend it for a trip with or without kids. The weather was beautiful and you can stay outside all day without breaking a sweat. For those of us who sweat more than a woman should, it was great to be on a beach and never feel the least bit gross. I also highly recommend In and Out burger. Enough said. 

This is the old Santa Barbara Mission building. Beautiful! Sean had never been there before and it was just breathtaking. 
This is me in the early stages of pregnancy...but I didn't know that. I was tired and nauseous but thought it was the triple dose of Dramamine that I took to make it through the plane ride. Yes, it's okay to have Dramamine while pregnant.
My pictures really don't do the Mission justice. Inside it was a sacred place--full of history and really beautiful but you couldn't take pictures. 
And this is what Sean used to fly when he worked in SB for SkyWest. It makes me nervous just looking at it because of the plane similar to this one that crashed last week. If I do have to fly I think it's worth the picky schedule and extra $$ to get on a big airplane. The bigger the jet the better I feel. Sean, of course, thinks this is hogwash.

It was fun to look back at this trip and think of how much is different now. I didn't know about what would unfold in the months following this past September. How many uncertainties, great blessings, and new challenges. Ty and Charlie are doing so much more than they were then!

On an update note, I go tomorrow morning at 9:30 to see if there are any changes. Right now I'm not the least bit nervous because I'm just so glad we survived this past weekend. If you know my parents or sister, give them a hug and tell them I wouldn't be able to do this without them :)


Anonymous said...

Great post! My mom lives very near Santa Barbara and every time I visit (which is nowhere NEAR often enough) I understand perfectly why I'll probably never convince her to move back to Texas ;-). I am so glad you've made it through your 28th week! I'll be praying for an uneventful appointment and a healthy baby Joy!

Emmy said...

I think your blog looks really good! I like the bright white and blue links.