Saturday, February 14, 2009

Purple Baby

Maybe my weirdest post yet??? Yeah maybe. Meet Purple Baby.
Purple Baby was one of Charlie's Christmas gifts from Graham and Ana (brother and sister-in-law). Charlie likes it but this week Ty has developed a little crush on Purple Baby, giving her the name. It started with 'Baby' but since he's proud of his new color skills he added the first name. Purple Baby is the favorite toy right now, much to his Daddy's dismay. I absolutely love it :) My thought is that I'd rather him love the idea of a baby rather than practice throwing it down the stairs. 
This toy watches videos, sits down at the table to eat, and causes a huge tantrum at bath time. See, Purple Baby is not waterproof. And she doesn't know how to swim. Again, if he can grasp this maybe Joy's future looks a little safer.
I sent this to Emmy and Mom asking, "What does it look like she's saying?" Whatever it is it would have been hilarious if we could understand her jabbering. 

But oh isn't she cute? I know I think she looks like Sean so maybe that's why I think so. For you bargain shoppers, I got this jacket for $1.99 last summer at Carters. Guessed on the size, and it's a little snug but it goes with everything in her closet.
My final picture is something that I saw at Target this week. This was parked next to me when I came out and I thought, "Yeah, I might look into that in the future, once the kids get a little bigger." Oh to be  clear was thinking about it for MAX. Reminds me to post the CPS story will blow your mind.


Carley said...

Love the pics of the kids! :) I'm working on my post for today and I'm sure you are the only one that will think its funny. :) I love that Ty has found a new friend in the purple baby! Yay Ty!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Ty's big-brother skills are well refined! And Charlie is adorable! I've seen that truck with the wire cage in the back a million times around town. Trevor always gets a kick out of it when the big (scary) dog is in the back!

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

So Sweet!!! They are both just precious!

Anonymous said...

About the videos...I'm not sure why it may not be working? When you compose a post, click on the film strip button (next to photo button) and it will bring up a prompt to "browse" for a video. Once you click browse, it should bring up files from your computer. Then just navigate to find the right one, select it and go.

It does say on there "We accept AVI, MPEG, QuickTime, Real, and Windows Media, 100 MB maximum size." So, maybe the video is either saved in a format that blogger doesn't like or it's too big. If you go into your saved videos on your computer and right click, then select properties, it will tell you how big the file is.

Hope it helps...I'm not great with techy stuff.

Anonymous said...

Oh...and the videos can sometimes take forever to upload.

Miss Mommy said...

That is too funny- I might need a baby cage one day, too! That hoodie pic is very, very cute....squeeze her into that as long as you can.