Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Some funny moments

Ty counting Daddy's hats

Charlie brushing her teeth while cooking


Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

gosh, your kiddos look so much like you in certain photos! reminds me of the old days at first christian pre-K :)

Christy said...

Girl I love your photo's and your stories - especially the one about the 1:1 ratio - I am sure you have found that you can't handle it everyday and for those days God created wonderful mommy friends you can call and hang with at their house or somewhere else. These are the mommy friends that you feel comfortable with them telling your child to stop doing something because you are either to fed up or the little people are just not listening to you today. Embrace those friends! Let's get together with Carley and Cody sometime and show her why some days it is okay to let the kids have run of the house - so we can have an adult conversation while they do it!