Monday, June 29, 2009

Kate's birthday

I took these at my niece Kate's first birthday party. Unfortunately we had to leave before the birthday girl woke up from her morning nap (such is life, right!) so I don't have a picture of her...I do have some of my big kids though! Mom was helping me last weekend so I took the liberty of only taking Ty and Charlie across the metroplex to the party and left Joy with her.

This would be a cool action shot if I was a real photographer.
You think Charlie was tired?
Ty making himself at home. Nice leg hike, don't you think? He's eating a Smarties sucker. Did y'all know that existed?? I didn't until the party and I've already started stockpiling them for emergencies in my diaper bag.
This would be Charlie's dream come true: a rolling cart to collect stuff in. Especially if there are this many balls available to drag around. Right after this picture she caught the back of her heel with it so she stopped but for a while she was my favorite bag I mean cart lady.


Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

so precious and i love her little dress!

Miss Mommy said...

My dear friend and mentor had 5 chuildren and took them all to the grocery store- all because she had Dum Dums. Genius.

I do LOVE seeing Charlie walking...and, no, she did not smoke my son on crawling- he didn't do it until 14 months, which would have been January-ish for y'all...

Anonymous said...

So so cute...and I love Charlie's dress too!

Mary said...

Charlie's dress was a gift--isn't it cute?? Sean calls it her mumu.