Monday, June 8, 2009

I fear I'm seeing a pattern...

I'd love to tell you I learned my lesson(s) Saturday and yesterday went much much smoother. The problem with that is you'd probably see right through that and wonder why I wasn't honest. I'm into over-sharing so why wouldn't I recap today for you as well? I wouldn't? Oh yes I would.

Let's go in reverse order for fun.

I wrote most of this last night but got sidetracked and forgot to finish. Surprised? Me neither.

So in reverse order, let's talk about yesterday:

I'm pumping as I often do while writing and all three kids are asleep. Ty and Charlie for the night, (Lord-willing,) and Joy for the first of a few naps that lead into tomorrow morning. Looking at it like this really helps, I agree Michelle. You said it and you were right! Before bed there was the pudding/milk routine and before that was bath time. Normally bath time in our house is the height of happiness. Um not tonight. All three kids were crying. Hard ugly crying. Why? I tried asking them and didn't get any answers I could understand.

This is why the reverse order thing isn't ideal. There might have been a few reasons why Ty and Charlie were crying--they both fell and skinned knees/hands at Double Dip a few hours ago on my watch. Sean got home tonight (Woohoo! Welcome back to the party babe!) and met us at Double Dip with the Stevensons and the Balls. Emmy was with me and was helping a ton as usual...again, the backwards thing is tricky or maybe I'm just even thought the parent/child ratio was in our favor both of my kids ended up bleeding and needing to be held. Why doesn't God give us additional arms when we need them? Like if you hurt yourself or your kid needs you but you don't have a free hand, "Go go gadget arm." and Bam there you go.

God, just an idea. It would really cut down on my time asking You what in the world You are thinking giving me three children. I'm just saying.

While at the ice cream place we had fun but there WERE multiple bloody knees and the occasional panicked moment when we couldn't see everybody. Before Sean got there (he landed and met us there so he could see the kids before bed--awww) it was hairy. Once he got there it improved a little but to keep things interesting not only did Joy finish the bottle I brought for her, she had to nurse too bringing her grand total for one meal to like 4 1/2 ounces. ???? Maybe she smelled ice cream and was hungry? I had to borrow Carley's hooter hider. 

You know you're good friends when you can ask to borrow a hooter hider.

Thank you Carley.

The car ride to Double Dip was the first time in two weeks that Joy hasn't cried the entire time she is in her car seat. Victory! We don't know what we did differently but she was quiet for 99 % of the ride. What a difference that makes in the car mood! Leading up to the car ride was dinner, which consisted of Bagel Bites for the kids that they wouldn't eat. They always eat them ??? but we ended up making them chicken instead. It's not smart to take them anywhere without a good processed food meal in their bellies

Before dinner there was calm play time and naps. Ahhh now I remember why we went backwards. See how nice things are now that we started at the beginning? It leaves everybody in a nice place.

Here's hoping things start becoming a little less dramatic around here. 


Carley said...

Oh no, how sad that bathtime was so sad. Maybe the skinned knees set them off. We had fun at double dip but hopefully next time it won't be so stinkin' crowded. And you can borrow my hooter hider anytime. I'm impressed that you can type and pump....I need 2 hands.

Michelle said...

Can I just say that I have never heard of a hooter hider and that made me laugh out loud! Sounds like some crazy times, but I must try this double dip place! I LOVE ice cream!!!

Miss Mommy said...

Bless you. Seriously. I read Josh your blog sometimes and he says "2 is fine." I keep reminding him nobody (certainly not an overwhelmed woman in the UK) is asking for more...praying for you.

Miss Mommy said...

I will say, the backwards thing was fine for me, just not getting the title.