Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day Dad/Popeye/Jimbo

Dad, Popeye, Jimbo,

You are all three and you do all three well. You are and have always been the gentle daddy that most people only dream of: never lacking compassion and always pushing me to be MY best instead of THE best at something. As a Dad you have been excellent and my pastor says to not use that word lightly.

As Popeye you fill the role of iron claw, stroller pusher, and food sharer. You tickle the kids and now Ty says, "Iron Claw," when he wants you to tickle him. You have been in charge of the stroller and bags when we all go out numerous times. You share your beloved Fritos with the kids and with Emmy's help have taught them a deep love for said Fritos. It kills you to leave the kids when they are crying even when I tell you to leave them because they are putting themselves to sleep and they are fine. Many times we have come home from an outing after leaving you in charge to find you holding somebody because you couldn't stand to leave them upset. Even though I told you to. I know why you can't and that's okay. I'm sure you didn't leave us when we were babies and I don't know how you and mom survived without some kind of schedule for us. You are just much more patient than I am I guess.

Many refer to you as Jimbo and they say it with affection. You have served a distant father role to many many people and give sound advice to those who need you. You have earned awards and respect for your ability to help people resolve conflict. Many people look up to you and we who know you well see why.

Happy Father's Day Dad/Popeye/Jimbo. Sorry I didn't give you a real card.

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Michelle said...

Guess what we had for Father's Day? I made your dad's homemade vanilla ice cream from the Gingerbread cookbook. It was delicious!