Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A bit of a circus intermission

How long has it been since I wrote anything besides captions for my terrible pictures?

Don't answer that.

It's been a long time. I'm not sure why. Maybe I'm not giving myself enough time to think? Maybe there hasn't been much to write? There's never a shortage of crazy circumstances at my disposal but maybe since it feels a little bit normal I think you wouldn't care? Hmmm.

Maybe God is working and some of my ranting would truly be interrupting what He's telling me?

I think it's that one. Or probably a combination.

I have a few interesting facts to share with you today and then I'm off to bathe/clothe everybody, (with their Daddy's help-he's home yippeee,) including Joy who just started eating banana bread for breakfast, mac n cheese/ravioli for lunch, and little pieces of what we're eating for dinner along with her formula. What a milestone for us as a family when the smallest person eats big people food. It's been a long time coming. She eats lots of baby food too but seems much more excited when she can pick up her food and feed herself. If you've been around here for any amount of time you remember that Charlie didn't feed herself until around 14 months. Which might explain my excitement over Joy's newest trick. I thought Charlie would never even like real food much less feed it to herself. And now she eats her grilled cheese just like her brother without batting an eye. Time marches on. They learn new things and before long they're all in Kindergarten.

Well time hasn't gone that fast. For the first time in about three and a half years, I'm not counting down the days until they all go to school. I'm enjoying the days around here much more than I used to. Not feeling as overwhelmed and in awe of how much more energy one has when one is not growing a new baby. When Joy hits nine months in a few weeks, I will hit a milestone too.

Nine full months is the longest I've been married and not been pregnant.

Yesterday Ty learned how to set off the alarm on the house. It was pretty funny. And pretty loud so I'm guessing he won't do it again. I think it scared him to death that he was responsible for the blaring noise for those few minutes before we realized what had happened and turned it off.

One more thing-we're thinking about taking the big kids to the rodeo this year. Thoughts? Suggestions?

I'm all ears.


Julie said...

The Rodeo…ABSOLUETLEY!!! Have a kickin’ good time!

Mary said...

Jukes have y'all taken Jillian? Will you take her this year?

Carley said...

We were talking about that just the other day but I think the Fort Worth rodeo is almost over (it was mostly in January) there are a few events that go into Feb. You can find the events at fwssr.com I'm not sure of any other rodeo close by? Try googling it. :)

and you've inspired me to give cody more "real" food and he's loving it! Trying to get him to eat "real" cut up veges and fruit. he's still not sure about meat but likes cheese and pasta stuff. He loves anything he can pick up. i'm slowly working it into his diet as well as finishing off the baby food we have. he had toast for breakfast yesterday and loved it. he's getting to try new things and has you to think!

Carley said...

that should be "thank" in my last line...typing too fast.

Miss Mommy said...

I've got nothin' on the rodeo...however, the 9 month thing is amazing! I bet you are psyched!!! Wow.

I am soo with you on finally not counting down days. I am just now loving right where we are, and since I just had a period, that's where we're staying, Lord willing. ;) I also understand about late milestones- now that L is finally walking, my life is so much better b/c his is! Bless them for becoming little people. As I lay awake the other night (too much Harry Potter), I realized we had 2 little people sleeping in our flat- not babies to be cared for, but little people with personalities and preferences and future spouses that we may or may not like. It was humbling.

Julie said...

We haven't taken Jillian before...

We'd like too but we'll wait until next year.