Saturday, January 30, 2010


I've noticed Charlie giving us things lately. Giving me a cookie from her little snack trap bowl. Giving Ty his drink when she finds it. Giving Joy a toy when I haven't even asked her to. Yes there are times when I HAVE asked her to and man is that nice. She gives Sean a glance that she never gives me. It's the classic Daddy glance. The "Don't you think I'm cute?" glance. You know the one.

She gives Max things. Usually food from her plate, which she knows not to do. She gives Ty the toy she's playing with if he wants it. She gives Joy food too. Remember when I (thankfully,) pulled four cashews out of Joy's mouth? Joy has already learned to be quiet when she's doing something she's not supposed to and now that I'm on to her I've retreived whole grapes, (I'm terrified of grapes around babies-you should see how small I cut them. It's one of my unnecessary obsessions), Bobby pins, pretzel sticks, and the remote off her high chair tray: all put there by Charlie.

She's a giver.

Giving me grief when I try to leave to run errands while Sean is home. Giving Ty his drum sticks even when he isn't allowed to play his drums. Giving her Daddy half-eaten apples that she gets tired of, (almost every day she begs for the whole apple to carry it around, then gets tired of it.) Giving pats on the back when I pick her up and hug her. Giving squeals at the pet store every time EVERY TIME the bird looks her direction. Giving Elmo his own blanket in her bed so he won't get cold. Giving Joy her bottle when she gets fussy.

She's a giver. And I'm so glad God made her just the way she is.

This is how I found her after her nap. I'm not sure how that ties into anything but I couldn't NOT share it.


Miss Mommy said...

Charlie and Luke are destined to be together. That sounds JUST like him. Plus, that sweet little shoulder is irresistible.

Emmy said...

I'm beginning to wonder if she took her own seat belt off her shoulder last weekend in the car. ?? Maybe she has a new trick.

Carley said...

Catching up on blogs from being gone this weekend....

Sweet Charlie! LOVE HER!