Sunday, January 3, 2010

What are you wearing these days?

I kind of miss going back to school. There's the vibe of new friends, seeing old friends, hoping for a student teacher, (now that I've been one I can see how we got away with what we did,) and wearing the clothes you got for Christmas.

I'm a long way from starting school. But since my son is starting his new preschool tomorrow I thought I'd devote a post to what we're wearing. Does this matter in the scheme of things? Oh heavens no. You know me better than to think all I do is meaningful.

I'll start with the kids. Mind you, it's only Ty that'll be going to school but the girls and I will be walking him back and forth so it counts to get dressed up. At least the first few weeks.

The girls got matching clothes from my SIL for Christmas and they look so rippin' cute. Here are their jeans and the shirts are already sold out but they're flannel hoodies with stripes on them. So cute. They also have some new shoes to kick around in. I found Joy some Robeez on sale at Nordstrom and I also found her a pair at Ross (oh my do they have good deals.) While she has hand-me-down shoes I feel bad letting her wear them now that she's scratching them up. Charlie has been skipping around in this skirt that was a Christmas gift from Mimi.

Ty got this shirt and we put him in it on days when he needs some extra zip. I'm pretty sure it's the only new article of clothing he got for Christmas. Ha! Boys vs. girls. See who gets more clothes? And who CARES about more clothes? It starts early!

On Christmas Eve Mom and I went to the mall for no reason (??????) and ended up hitting the sale rack at Gap. I found this shirt and couldn't justify buying it-it's silk and not exactly practical right now for many many reasons-but Mom said I could get it for Christmas.

Done. I wore it today and really liked it. It was much cheaper in the store ($22 I think,) than online and I don't know why there's a 30 dollar difference. Hmmm. Glad I found it when I did.


So there are a few new shirts that I love and they are all worn with my best find of 2009: a denim skirt with cute buttons from Anthropologie for get this: $9.99. The sale room is the only place I ever go in Anthropologie and it's because of finds like the beloved skirt of 2009. According to the gal helping me, it "Well, it is from last season..." and that's why it was so cheap. To which I replied, "Ask me if I care." She didn't. I think she didn't approve of my lack of current fashion sense and for that I will never apologize. I said, "Ask me if I care" in a funny way and wanted to clarify in case you think I'm that rude to people.

Oh and my favorite thing that my hubby got me for Christmas is these shoes, and I've alternated those with my brown boots I've had for a few years. The shoes may look a little grandma-ish (no offense anyone,) but in person Emmy has given me the seal of approval. Mary Janes that you can wear all day every day without an ounce of discomfort. Really, I should know. I wear tights every day. Why didn't I know about tights before now? They are great. You can wear a dress or skirt and never get cold. You can wear a dress or skirt even when you stay at your house all day because you never know when you might want to look nice for your three small children, all of whom couldn't care less what you wear. It's all about the mindset of Momma and Momma is happy wearing tights.

Oh and you can get good tights (in questionable colors/patterns sometimes but that's part of the fun,) at Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls. Did I tell you we have all three within a mile radius where I live? There's really no need to leave that mile radius, is there? I think not.

So here is my question: what are you wearing right now that you love? What has become your "uniform?"

I think I'm done.

Yep, I'm done. Happy first day of school tomorrow everybody.

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Julie said...

You go fashonista! I loved the coat you had on at church yesterday...great color!

And I couldn't agree with you more about Pioneer Woman. Thank's for having the link on your blog. I've made a couple of her recipes and drooled over MANY more! I made the baked lemon pasta the other day and loved it!

C U at M2M Friday :)

peace out,
julie mac