Monday, January 11, 2010

Ten reasons why I love Costco

1. You can find an 18-pack of Easy Mac, a box (a big one) of wipes, your contacts, and fresh flowers all within a ten foot radius.

2. The lights always entertain a baby who is otherwise trapped and forced to look at blank ceilings in their car seat.

3. They have cupcakes that are twice the size of regular cupcakes.

4. They also have those cinnamon crunchy things that they have at Taco Bell. But they're much much bigger.

5. The playground equipment goes up in January to remind you that one day, your children will play outside again.

6. There is never a shortage of good people watching specimen(s).

7. Their pizza. Got me through three pregnancies.

8. The chickens. You didn't know they have chickens? Oh yes, yes they sure do.

And these two hoodlums want to see the chickens first thing when we pull up in the parking lot. Want to see the chickens?
There they are. It's like Disneyland I tell you. They spin and everything. Man that's some good entertainment.

9. They sell Carter's sleepers for $7.99 but be sure to buy them when you first see them or the next time they'll be gone. Speaking from experience.

10. They sell Baby Lulu outfits.

This one...
or this one...

11. I couldn't end it with a picture so my final reason to love Costco is that no one makes you feel funny about buying a jumbo pack of feminine products. After all EVERYTHING THERE IS A JUMBO PACK.


Emmy said...

I love that the girlie outfits you held up are about 10 sizes smaller than what Charlie actually wears. You didn't want to make her feel bad for her big 5T size.

Mary said...

In this outfit (I got the orange and pink one) it was a 6 for Charlie. Three times her age.

Carley said...

Wow! I love Costco too but now you give me other reason to love it. ha! I thought you were alone when I was chatting with you the other day....didn't realize you had company. :) You are super momm....talking, shopping and kids!! :)

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

Let me add to have a picture to document....their carts are big enough to fit two children in the front part so that they don't trample all over your goods in the back of the cart! I LOVE THAT!!!

We just looked at the Chickens on Sunday...Ryder says oooooohhhhh..."Hot!", LOL!

Definitely my favorite store and very worthy of your post!

Anonymous said...

We made a Costco run Sunday too... and our highlight involves the fish...I've never stopped to marvel at the chicken, that will be next!

As for the carts... I initially though that double-rider was a dream come true. However lately, instead of trampling the groceries, they trample each other!

I also give a hearty AMEN to the BIG boxes of diapers and wipes...and this time we scored BIG baby wash too!

Ooh, and their Winnie the Pooh animal crackers... score!